First Lady Global invites you to be a Woman of Substance®; to step-up and step-out with world-class style and ability; to live intentionally as a role model for the next generation while you re-commit to making ALL your dreams come true. It’s about creating the dignity of true authority - that leadership, depth of character, courage and beauty worthy of being honored and esteemed by men, women and children. It’s about creating your life and creating your version of what a woman ought to be.

First Lady Global re-awakens you. It expands your abilities, confidence and world view. It enables you to lead with power and inspire with the lightest touch. It magnifies your beauty, your love and your happiness. It takes you places you’ve never been, introduces you to people worth knowing and teaches you the essential tools for the good life.

“This is an invitation to live a beautifully, curated life.”

Whether you lead a household, a company, a classroom, a community or a boardroom, this is where you, a leading woman in your particular activity or field come to rest, recharge, grow and be inspired. This is an invitation to live a beautifully curated life; to edit your life with the values you hold most dear as you use your influence for the greater good. At First Lady Global, we say “Because you can, you must.” If you have something important to say or to do, First Lady Global is about saying it or doing it - now - with intention, style and charisma.

May this serve as a platform to share aspirations and wisdom from around the globe. May it empower you - women of all ages, ethnicities and cultures - to create your future with confidence, prosperity and enthusiasm.

Karyn Mullen,
Founder and Editor-in-Chief